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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Expression Web-I like it

Posted by Gary on April 17, 2007

For those who are wannabe web designers like me, I have found something you might find helpful. Up until recently I have used a web editing program called “Contribute” from Macromedia and then most recently Adobe. Contribute is great for guys like me with little brains for web design. After someone has designed a site for you, Contribute allows you to come in and change information on a page with a set up like a word processor.

Recently I found that Microsoft decided to do away with FrontPage, their web editing program and replaced it Expression Web. I downloaded the free trial and immediately liked what I saw. I like Expression Web because it allows you to do what Contribute does, edit text but it also allows you to see the code in a split screen mode which makes it possible, granted slowly, to learn something about how code works. You can select an item and copy it and paste it if you want to create a similar item on the page and instantly, the code is in place. Expression Web makes web work for the inept quite possible and serves as a teaching tool at the same time.

This program has an amazing feature which allows you to import a site (your own or someone else’s) and brings it in flawlessly. I have even imported my WordPress Blog site so that I can make changes to the format and then copy the code from Web Expression and insert it into my WordPress theme and the change comes about just as it should. If you would like to check out Expression Web, the free download page is here.