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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

God knows those who are seeking Him

Posted by Gary on June 23, 2011

I listened to the sermon “The Bold Prophecy” by Charles Spurgeon the other day and found in it a tremendous encouragement to call on God. Often the devil and our own unbelief discourage us from calling on God. We often think He does not hear, that our feeble seeking is not enough and is in vain. How good to know that God knows those who are seeking Him, more importantly, He knows them that He is drawing to Himself.

Do not be despairing but call on God…

“Do any seek Him?—He says, “I am sought.” Do any find Him?—he says, “I am found.” Is there any preaching of the Gospel?—the Lord declares, “I said, Behold Me, behold Me.” God takes note of it all! Not a prayer is breathed, nor a sigh heaved, nor a note of praise uttered from the heart, but what the Omniscient Lord has noted every thought.

Those eyes which behold microscopic life in the lowest depths of the sea and trace the flight of the condor in its utmost height, spy out the most sorrowful anguish of seeking souls and observes the most elevated joy of souls that find their God! Grace in its beginnings,its growth, its declining, its increasing and its struggles is always under the Divine observation.

At this moment, God’s Omnipresent heart beats in sympathy with all our hearts if we are seeking His love. You have not to advise Him that you are seeking—He perceives your secret thoughts and meets you in your return to Him. “Behold he prays” is God’s immediate expression concerning you if you begin to pray at this hour! If you dart a glance of faith to the Lord Jesus, He will at once yield to you and say, “I am found.” The Lord’s eyes are on the heart which feels His Grace.” Charles Spurgeon from “The Bold Prophecy”