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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A day for Yankee fans

Posted by Gary on July 9, 2011

Family and friends will know that I am lifelong Yankees fan. Today was a great day for Yankee fans as Derek Jeter reached 3,000 hits going 5 for 5 on the day including the game winning hit.

Congratulations Derek and thanks for sticking with your team, playing hard and being humble. Here are the highlights from Derek’s day…

You can’t fight in here, this is the war room…

Posted by Gary on April 21, 2011


In the midst of life’s serious things it is good to lighten up once in a while. The other night I revisited an old movie favorite, “Dr. Strangelove”. Wow, I had forgotten how funny this movie is. I remember growing up hearing about Dr. Strangelove and not knowing what it was about but after my first viewing I fell in love.

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Never a chance

Posted by Gary on April 22, 2009

Recently our youth group had the privilege of welcoming Mike Hall for a visit. Mike won five world power lifting titles from 1986 to ’91 and is a two-time gold medal winner at the Pan Am Games. More importantly, Mike is a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ who is committed to sharing the gospel.

After receiving a commitment from Mike to come to our youth meeting I began to tell our group members that I was going to arm wrestle Mike. Why did I do this? Losing my mind as I get older. Of course I knew I had no chance but we do what we can at times to generate interest in those we are trying to reach. So for weeks I hyped the upcoming arm wrestling match which I am proud to say, lasted 34 seconds. How long would it have lasted if Mike just decided to end it from the get-go? Probably about 3 seconds.

We had a wonderful evening with Mike who shared his testimony with our youth which included Christ’s work in his life and the fact that Mike won his lifting titles without the use of steroids. Mike is proud to be billed as “The World’s Strongest Drug Free Man.”

Mike hails from Dagsboro, Delaware and is also a minister of the gospel.

I came away from this experience uttering the famous line spoken by Apollo Creed at the end of his fifteen rounds with Rocky Balboa, “Ain’t gonna be no rematch.”

Great guys

Posted by Gary on November 8, 2008

FH000023       FH000050   

Now here are two great guys. That’s me on the left and Jared Morris on the right. Jared is a good friend and talk show host on WGMD 92.7 F.M. Jared and I get together twice a month to talk about the Bible, the Christian faith, world events and culture on his Saturday broadcast. A year ago I asked Jared to take a turn in our dunk tank for our Harvest Celebration which we offer our community as a Halloween alternative. Jared made a commitment and stuck with it. We thought he was going to try to make a break for it at the last minute but we had a few big burly men prepared to tackle him and drag him to the tank if necessary.

God granted us a wonderful evening of outreach and it was great fun to see Jared get wet. Yes, I did knock Jared in without shame on the first throw. You can see some footage of Jared being dunked here.

Seeing that it was late October and below sixty degrees I think we both qualify as great guys don’t you? Maybe just crazy. These old bones and my circulation are not what they used to be!

Knapp Family Scorecard: Little Booger (1)-Dad (1)

Posted by Gary on May 24, 2008

Photo_052208_001 My son Joshua (4) loves to ride the lawn tractor with me as I cut the grass. Last week after starting our ride my tractor cut out after about 40 seconds. I was sure that I wasn’t out of gas. After repeated tries it became evident the tractor was not going to start.

I pushed the tractor into the garage and sought the help of a neighbor to no avail. The next day another neighbor came over. We had new fuel, the spark plug had spark, churning and churning but the engine wouldn’t fire.

A few days later a brother from our church came over and cleaned the carburetor, certainly that would do the trick, nope.

Later that evening I came into the garage and found Joshua near the tractor with the lid open and the cap off the gas tank, as he stood there he was holding a plastic Spider-Man cup. Immediately the picture came into view.

I said, "Joshua, what did you do?" He responded, "I poured it in the tractor". It appears that Joshua had been filling my gas tank with water and orange juice. What is frustrating is that I emptied the tank and put new gas in but apparently the old had not cleared out and in the meantime he must have added more.

Well, dad knows how to fix that. Off to Lowe’s for a latch and some metal screws and viola, a custom made tractor lid lock (I will install one for you for a mere $79.99).

To top the fun off, even after finding out what was wrong I couldn’t get it to start. I loaded it into the back of my mini-van (no easy task let me tell you) and took it to the small engine repair shop nearby. The repairman had some real ramps and we backed it down, he hopped on, worked the throttle up and down as he turned the key, a little sputter. Same thing again, more sputter, finally, it fired, belched out smoke and started running. I stood there half happy, half mad, off the van 30 seconds and its running. Four men and a few hours produced nothing, one engine repairman and 30 seconds and it starts.

I plan to unveil this story at a very opportune moment in Joshua’s life, I see him in our living room with a young woman for whom he has intentions, I’ll be sure to tell her all about it. The score will then be dad (2) little booger (1).

Boys and their toys

Posted by Gary on January 26, 2008


Awesome video of the F-22 Raptor. I wish I could have been there to see this in person.

Yet the common cold remains uncured

Posted by Gary on January 5, 2007

My family and I watched some entertaining videos online tonight including this marvel of human ingenuity. The thinking and time that must have went into these displays is amazing. There are other videos available here from the same creators. While on the topic of online videos, if you have about ten minutes, watch this hilarious example of what can happen when one person starts laughing (thanks to the brothers Bayly who came across this and share it at BaylyBlog).