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Friday, February 23, 2018

Doug Short Blogging

Posted by Gary on December 18, 2006

Those in our East Gate Presbyterian church family know and have appreciated the ministry of Doug Short. Doug has filled the pulpit for me on a few occasions and has addressed our men’s group also. Doug has started Blogging, he has entitled his Blog: Synopsis Blog. Doug and his family are making preparations to move to Virginia to begin a church plant there. I would encourage you to take some time and visit Synopsis Blog. To visit follow this link.

The question of depression

Posted by Gary on April 1, 2006

David Bayly has a post on the roots of depression that I would recommend to you if you suffer with depression or have a loved one who does (and who doesn’t have a loved one who is suffering from depression?). I would encourage you to read the comments attached to this post as well.

If you have never read Joshua Wolf Shenk’s article on Abraham Lincoln’s depression I would encourage you to do so, it is available in pdf here. Yes, God does have the color black on His paint board and weaves it into His creative work in our lives.

Another article I have found very helpful is John Piper’s biographical sketch of Charles Spurgeon entitled, "Preaching Through Adversity." Piper emphasizes God’s sovereignty over depression and highlights how God uses it in the life of His people. It is encouraging to know that God can still use someone as powerfully as He did Spurgeon despite his depression.

Very often we are quick to verbalize our opinions about the cause of depression, we would do well to be cautious when speaking about other individuals and their depression. Without question our spirit and mind and body are fearfully and wonderfully connected together.