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Friday, February 23, 2018

How we use God’s name reveals our standing with Him

Posted by Gary on June 29, 2011

Exodus 20:7 “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain.”

The generation of “OMG” needs to ask itself if people who truly know God are willing to misuse His name. The simple answer to this question is that upon receiving the new birth a person’s heart toward God is so changed that they do not want to ever speak His name in a way that is dishonoring or blasphemous. God’s name is too holy and great to be used to express your anger or the fact that you are excited about your new phone.

This generation does not love, revere or fear God. We are bold with our “OMG’s”. We think nothing of using God’s name as if we were saying “Tom” or “Mary”. What ever happened to “Wow”? Do we have to blaspheme to make it known we like something?

This goes beyond the issue of breaking a rule, it is a matter of love. A real Christian cannot use God’s name as a cuss word or trivially. Yes, there is the fear of punishment for doing so as the verse above states but even more, the Christian loves God too much to ever use His name except in reverence, love and worship.

“Swearers, like mad dogs, fly in the face of heaven; and when they are angered, spew out their blasphemous venom on God’s sacred, majestic, name. Some in gaming, when things go cross and the dice runs against them, run against God in oaths and curses. Tell them of their sin, seek to bring home these from going astray, and it is but pouring oil on the flame; they will swear the more. Augustine says, ‘They do no less sin who blaspheme Christ now in heaven, than the Jews did who crucified him on earth.’ Swearers profane Christ’s blood, and tear his name.

A woman told her husband, that of her three sons, one of them only was his: the father dying, desired the executors to find out which was the true natural son, and bequeath all his estate to him. The father being dead, the executors set up his corpse against a tree and delivered to every one of these three sons a bow and arrows, telling them, that he who could shoot nearest the father’s heart should have the whole of the estate. Two sons shot as near as they could to his heart, but the third felt nature so to work in him, that he refused to shoot; whereupon the executors judged him to be the true son, and gave him all the estate. So it is with the true children of God, they fear to shoot at him; but such as are bastards, and not sons, care not though they shoot at him in heaven with their oaths, curses and blasphemies. ” Thomas Watson from “The Ten Commandments”

Those who can curse with God’s name or use it trivially must not think themselves children of God but need to repent of their great sin and seek His forgiveness. Thank God that He is merciful and forgives.