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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

You would do well…

Posted by Gary on November 17, 2008

Dear reader, you would do well to read the words I have posted below which are not my own but were preached by Charles Spurgeon in 1858 in his sermon entitled, “Particular Redemption”:

I do not believe there are more important words that could be spoken to us for they are words that will drive us to Christ the Savior. The great majority of people alive today are telling themselves (with the help of whispering lies from the devil) that God will not really follow through on His promise to punish our sins. In the end most people believe that God is going to make an exception in their case on the Day of Judgment and allow their sins to go unpunished.

“God is love” is the cry of our day (as it apparently was also in Spurgeon’s day) and without question He is. The issue is that God is not only love, He is also holy and just. God’s love led Him to provide a substitute, the Savior Jesus who received from God what sin deserved. Those who receive Christ are spared divine justice for Christ received the justice in their place. Those who reject Christ will appear before the holy God with all their sin and will receive divine justice.

Do not deceive yourself or allow yourself to be deceived by the evil one, a payment must be made for your sin. Believe today that Christ made it for you and come to Him or surely you will pay it yourself:

“The God of the Bible is not the God of some men’s imagination, Who thinks so little of sin that He passes it by without demanding any punishment for it. He is not the God of the men who imagine that our transgressions are such little things, such mere peccadilloes that the God of Heaven winks at them, and suffers them to die forgotten. No; Jehovah, Israel’s God, hath declared concerning Himself, "The Lord thy God is a jealous God." It is His own declaration, "I will by no means clear the guilty." "The soul that sinneth, it shall die."

Learn ye, my friends, to look upon God as being as severe in His justice as if He were not loving, and yet as loving as if He were not severe. His love does not diminish His justice, nor does His justice, in the least degree, make warfare upon His love. The two things are sweetly linked together in the atonement of Christ. But, mark, we can never understand the fullness of the atonement till we have first grasped the Scriptural truth of God’s immense justice.

There was never an ill word spoken, nor an ill thought conceived, nor an evil deed done, for which God will not have punishment from some one or another. He will either have satisfaction from you, or else from Christ. If you have no atonement to bring through Christ, you must for ever lie paying the debt which you never can pay, in eternal misery; for as surely as God is God, He will sooner lose His Godhead than suffer one sin to go unpunished, or one particle of rebellion unrevenged.

You may say that this character of God is cold, and stern, and severe. I cannot help what you say of it; it is nevertheless true. Such is the God of the Bible; and though we repeat it is true that He is love, it is no more true that He is love than that He is full of justice, for every good thing meets in God, and is carried to perfection, whilst love reaches to consummate loveliness, justice reaches to the sternness of inflexibility in Him. He has no bend, no warp in His character; no attribute so predominates as to cast a shadow upon the other. Love hath its full sway, and justice hath no narrower limit than His love.

Oh! then, beloved, think how great must have been the substitution of Christ, when it satisfied God for all the sins of His people.”