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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

President Obama, America, you, me, take note…

Posted by Gary on November 24, 2012

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni confesses his nation’s sins. Read it here.

If America has a hope it will only come about by her people and leaders repenting of our sins. Will we? Will I? Will you? Yes, you.


2 Responses to “President Obama, America, you, me, take note…”
  1. Bill K says:

    It will never happen here in the United States again. This country is on a one way ticket to destruction. Our leaders are immoral and corrupt and they are only a reflection of this country’s citizens who are an abomination to God. As a nation, we believe its our right to kill the unborn, tolerate sodomy, let the government feed us, clothes and more or less wipe our behinds.

    Barak Obama is the immoral leader elected by an even more immoral people. Dependence, Slothfullness, Murderous hearts, anti-God…that is the new America…at least for the short time there will be an America.

  2. Mercedes Ferrari says:

    In East Gate’s Easter newsletter, I reported on Christianity in Africa. Ugandan’s president prayers confirms the newsletter’s report. Here is an excerpt from the newsletter:
    “What role will Africa play in the future of world Christianity? Demographic trends alone suggest that the future of Christianity does not lie in the West. There, for the most part, Christianity has become a faded and powerless vestige of its former self. Insofar as God’s declared preference has been to work through the weak, the poor, and the dispossessed, transforming societies from their margins, a complacent and privileged Christianity cannot survive.
    Africans, on the other hand, with all of their daunting challenges—perhaps in some ways because of them—will continue to give central place to God. Where else can they turn? Like Simon Peter, their instinctively rhetorical question is, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”
    The growth of Christianity in Africa is a reminder that in God’s moral universe the kingdom belongs to the poor, the humble will be exalted, rulers will be brought down from their thrones, the proud will be scattered, and the rich will be sent away empty.”

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