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Friday, February 23, 2018

Our approach to teen sex-love the sex, hate the baby…

Posted by Gary on November 26, 2012

“Pediatricians treating teenaged girls should consider writing just-in-case prescriptions for the morning-after pill,  the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said on Monday.” (from NBC News)

Today we read that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that teenage girls be given an emergency prescription by their doctors for the “morning after pill”.

America increasingly encourages teen, unmarried sex with of course, the way to eliminate the children who are often conceived from the sex teens partake in. Sex is good, babies are bad. Yes young teen, you have a right to have sex, even if someone has to die in the process.

How simple now, a pill and “viola”, no baby! Just sex, sex, sex, and we can eliminate the God intended fruit of sex, babies. Let’s just keep teaching our teens that sex is about them and that babies are optional down to the point of severing their limbs and vacuuming them out of the womb if you don’t want one. Why should your life be hindered? Life is about you, you know.

These are not abortions we are told…which you believe if you have convinced yourself that life starts sometime after conception. This is a convenient belief for a society that wants sex and not babies. All the while the message we send is that pregnancy and babies are negative, at least most of the time and so America kills 3.5 million babies a year who just aren’t convenient. But teens, keep climbing on top of each other.

We no longer think we should call our young people to something higher do we? It is all about them so of course it can be all about us as adults. Know this, the freedom to sin that we want to offer teens is so that we can justify our own sin as adults. I’ll tell you you’re ok, you tell me I’m ok. This freedom for teens is also ensuring that young adults will become grown adults who believe that life is about them and that everything goes. Another “viola” we all get to do whatever we want!

This also from the article… “Virtually every medical organization with expertise in the area supports making emergency contraception available for sale to girls and women of all ages who might need it.”  Yes, we must give them “emergency” prescriptions because we have taught them that they are animals and animals just drop and mate whenever the notion comes over them. “Emergency, emergency, passion drove me to have sex and now a baby might come, somebody do something!” Maybe we should install little glass boxes with morning after pills in them in public places with a little hammer so that teens can break it open and get a pill wherever they are. Now we are linking sex and pregnancy with an emergency! Oh brother, there is no end to our justifications.

Someone is objecting, “But teens aren’t ready to raise babies”. Quite true, but doesn’t that imply that they should not be having sex then? I know, logic has no place in American thinking anymore does it? Isn’t the message of the morning after pill that you can do adult things without having to experience adult responsibilities? How can this be good?

Here is America’s message to its young teens, you have no soul or moral obligation to a Creator in regard to life. There is just you and what you want. We adults will not lead you in higher ways and model them in our own lives as your parents, doctors, educators, politicians and yes, even some clergy…instead, we will help you ruin yourselves and the rest of us.

Do I sound like a prude? Judgmental? Trust me, I know all about depravity from my own life before I came to know Christ and I battle it every day as the ruins of it seek to rise again in my heart and mind moment by moment. But at least by God’s grace I know it is depravity, call it so and seek grace to live righteously in God’s sight. But we will do no such thing will we? There is no such thing as depravity anymore. A life given to the pursuit of one’s own self and pleasures is admired and encouraged and supported with prescriptions. Poor teens, we hate you and you don’t know it.

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