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Friday, February 23, 2018

Pray for your pastor…

Posted by Gary on July 10, 2015

I am grateful to shepherd a church family that loves me and my family and that most of all prays for me. There is no greater privilege in all the world than to be a pastor as it has been said, “If you are called to preach the gospel, don’t stoop to be a king”. Any pastor who knows himself with any degree of honesty knows that he is not sufficient for what God has called him to do and be (2 Corinthians 2:16). Don’t take this as whining, but I will say also that God’s ministers are the special target of Satan. How well I know that it is only the grace of God that has kept me a pastor. We all need to be prayed for and that includes pastors, perhaps especially pastors.

Take a moment today and pray for your pastor would you? Pray that he would grow in his love for God. Pray that God would make real in his heart and mind the many truths that he knows in his head and preaches to his people. Pray that God would make him strong in the midst of temptations and discouragements. Pray that he would love his wife like Christ does the Church. Pray that he would take seriously his responsibility to love and lead his children to Christ. Pray that he would be courageous and bold. Pray that God’s priorities would be his priorities. Pray that God would bless his labors and that it would always be God’s glory that he seeks and not his own.

Here are some thoughts from Charles Spurgeon on the urgency of prayer for pastors:

“Brothers, pray for us!” (I Thessalonians 5:25)

Today I want to remind you about the importance of praying for your ministers. In the most earnest way that I can I ask every Christian household to grant this request of the Apostle Paul on behalf of every minister of the Gospel.

Brothers, the fact is that our work affects the eternal benefit or curse of many; the souls of men are our eternal business. A very heavy responsibility rests upon us, and we strive to be innocent of the blood of all men.

As officers in Christ’s army, we are the special point of attack of those who hate Christ. They watch for us to fall, and work to trip us up in any way they can. Our sacred calling requires us to endure certain temptations from which most are exempt. We see some go back into a life of sin, and we see millions dying without Christ. We long to be useful both to saints and sinners.

And so, we ask you, pray for us! Your spiritual blessings come from God, and not from us; and yet, how many times has He given those blessings through His ministers. In our behalf, please pray that we may be the humble jars of clay into which the Lord may put the treasure of the gospel. On behalf of all those who are called to minister the Gospel today, I ask You to “Pray for us.”


3 Responses to “Pray for your pastor…”
  1. Karyl Koch says:

    We will certainly be praying for you. I’m sure that every person that read this understood, in their own way Satan and his attacks. We hold on for dear life everyday along with you. We are Blessed, that our God is Bigger than anything, that Satan can do. I hold dear that the Lord gives the peace that surpasses all understanding, which I am praying for you. I know as a Pastor you are fully aware of the Spiritual warfare taking place, everyday around you and your congregation. I have spent many a day and night in prayer with tears steaming down my face. I pray for wisdom and strength to go on. I also pray to understand what I need to do. Sometimes we have to wait, but always need to trust God in our pain. I know sometimes it is easier to say than do. We find ourselves in seasons of Spiritual emptiness. I know God has always brought me out of them much richer, and Blessed. What would we do in this world without the Hope and Faith, that sustains us. Where would we go, when we have experience the joy he has given us, and his Words to guide us. Gary in your pain and suffering, God will use it to Glorify his name. We just need to wait on him. Please know you are loved,by so many. . Your sermons have been a godsend for us all. I remember you just saying, we need to take a stand in this fallen world It was these very words, that motivated me to take a stand on Facebook. I have a very liberal relative.who posted a message on my wall, about A article about Christians for Gays. The article had a rainbow flag with a American flag. I just knew I had to speak out as anger coursed through me. She mentioned ther is no way Christ would reject Gays, because he is Love. I had anticipated many negative reactions, when I respond. I did not receive one negative, but was surprised to see so many responses from Christian friends. They used words like: courage, bold, true, taking a stand for God and the Bible.Truth. I had a moment of pride and realized. it was not me, but the Holy Spirit that led me. It was also your words about taking a stand. I just want to let you know these word apply to you ro you also. You have comforted us in these Evil times, motivated us to take a stand, and above all Glorified God in doing it. It is no wonder Satan wants to discourage you. We need you, and God needs you to preach his Word in Truth and love. May our Lord richly Bless you!!!

  2. Gary says:

    Dear Karyl,

    Thank you for your kind note. I am so glad to hear of your stand for God’s truth, may He help us to be faithful. Just so you know, I didn’t share this post because I am discouraged, quite the opposite. It just came my way recently and it resonated with me. I am thankful that God has sent you and George to us at East Gate. Thank you again for your encouraging words. Love, Gary

  3. Judy Heatly says:

    Dear Gary,

    Karyl has said it all so well . . . there’s not much to add. Just know that you have brought me so much closer to God than ever before. God is working through you and will strengthen you. You and your family are so deeply loved and respected. I feel so privileged to have found and be a part of your “flock.”

    What a horrible mess man has made out of this once beautiful paradise. Satan is truly alive and living on planet Earth . . . and his demons are very busy. Each day I am more and more horrified by what I read and see. But then, as Billy Graham once said “I read the last page of the Bible” and I know we win!!! Our primary job now is to save those souls for Christ and I am trying. Some of them are so ignorant and stubborn but you never know what seeds you are planting. BTW, have you heard the song “Faces” by Greater Vision? Such a good song and so inspirational. If you haven’t heard it, look it up online and listen.

    You have a wonderful church at East Gate and I hope it will continue to grow. We shall all keep trying.

    Thank you for your unselfish efforts.

    Love, Judy

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