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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Oooing for who?

Posted by Gary on January 11, 2008

Watch this to see some amazing footage of underwater sea life. This brief talk was given in March 2007 in Monterey, California. When you come to the end you will see footage of an octopus that completely changes its color to blend in with some coral. Listen to the crowd carefully when the speaker replays the scene in reverse. What happens is always what happens when man sees God’s wonder, he has his breath taken away. The tragic thing is that the One who made all these creatures was never referred to.

Some might immediately respond that this was not a religious event but here is the tragedy, man has fallen to the place where he can consider his own existence and the existence of the universe in a secular fashion. Sin has done something immeasurably horrible to us, it has led us to the arrogant place of insisting that creation can be considered apart from the Creator. The end scene of this video is revealing, a few men stand to their feet in ovation, seeing the greatness of God leads man to give praise, he must, but to whom will he offer it?


2 Responses to “Oooing for who?”
  1. Bill says:


    I would have to say that we don’t know whether the audience was thinking about God or not. For example, if I were in the audience…I probably would have been ooing at the footage as well. I also would have thought how amazing it was that God created so many creatures. I would not have thought anything of the speaker not mentioning God. Just because nothing was said doesn’t mean people weren’t thinking it.

    Also, ovations are so over done…I wouldn’t have thought anything of it either. I think they were just showing thier appreciation for the speaker and or his group for sharing the footage.


  2. Gary says:


    I’m sure there may have been some who were thinking about God present. The greater point is that an entire presentation was made to display the wonder of creation and never once is the Creator mentioned.

    My point I trust you know has to do with academia and when does it ever attribute to God what is His due? Don’t think in the individual realm here as much as the greater picture.

    Applause for effort is one thing, to stand to your feet for someone concerning what is God’s praise is another.

    My larger point stands, here is man oooing at God’s creation and He is never mentioned, this is fallen man.

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