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Friday, February 23, 2018

Watch carefully

Posted by Gary on February 6, 2008

Watch carefully how the culture of death works to accomplish its goal (article). Throughout the Internet and in a recent post here video has been streaming to show the world that Lauren Richardson while impaired in her health, is not dead. As of today the video is no longer available I went to to find out why and found this posted:

Due to an Injunction against Lauren’s father, by the court appointed lawyer ad litem (allegedly representing the interests of Lauren), we may no longer link to the video which showed Lauren responding to family members. This order, which was signed by Master Samuel Glasscock, asserts the right to privacy of Lauren by the same lawyer who consented to terminating her life.

Lauren’s privacy? Doesn’t this sound very noble? “We are concerned about Lauren’s privacy.” Lauren will die having had her privacy respected. It is always under the guise of good that evil works in situations like this, it is Lauren’s court advocate watching out for her best interest. Somehow we should be chiding ourselves for wanting to intrude on Lauren’ privacy. The law under hands of evil men is used to accomplish evil.

Please bear in mind that Lauren took no legal steps to make it known she would want a feeding tube removed, she is not on a ventilator, she merely needs to be fed and hydrated. Just as in the case of Terri Schiavo, Lauren is on a path to death by starvation on the basis of what someone else claims she said. This is not removal from a machine, this is refusing to feed someone and give them water.

Be certain that much more evil will be done in the days ahead, all very legal, all seemingly well intentioned concerning Lauren and it is all evil.

Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness…”


5 Responses to “Watch carefully”
  1. lynn says:

    This is the first i’ve read or even knew of lauren. i haven’t read her whole story yet to find out all the details but i do believe as a christian if she’s not on complete life support then she deserves a chance to life and the love of her family. what gives any judge being only a man, the right to think he’s God n has the right to declare who lives or dies. my prayers n hope r with her and her family. it all began with terri’s case when the law of the land decided that disabled humanity had no right to life n that we r subhuman. sound fimilar, go back in history to the gestopo WW2 killing all undesireables that couldn’t contribute to the economy or to the betterment of hitlers vision of evil. EVIL I EVIL AND RIGHTOUSNESS IS LIFE THRU JESUS CHRIST. the old testement says when the enemy comes in like a flood God will raise up a standard against him. thanx for your time. to anyone who hasn’t made a will n living will do so. plus a durable power of attorney. may God bless.

  2. bill says:

    I am curious. What if someone…when healthy…stated in their living will that they would want the food removed…and would not want to live in a vegatative state? Do we have the right to force our religious beliefs onto someone who has already made that decision for themselves? Just curious

  3. Gary says:

    Dear Bill,

    This would quite simply be physician assisted suicide. Doctors are not supposed to help people die but live. This is not only a religious conviction it is tied to the Hippocratic Oath.

    Food and water is not medicine. I am not sure I have ever heard of anyone who wanted to be denied food and water, sanity would keep someone from such a request because it is a horrible way to die.

    If we would allow doctors to carry out such wishes we are then ushering in physician assisted suicide and in some way then owe Dr. Kevorkian an apology.

    I do think that this kind of situation only becomes possible in a society that has become Godless. People who truly believe that God is real and made them also believe that He is in control of the beginning and end of our life even when He chooses to allow us to suffer.

    Don’t take my adamance as directed at you, I am just speaking plainly about these things that I feel are very important.

  4. bill says:

    I didn’t take it as directed at me. I am tryiing to understand all aspects of this issue and appreciate your work in this area. Your answer did clear up what I was wondering

  5. Pam Dowd says:

    I am not sure we should call it assisted suicide. Murder is a better word. I have told the doctors that it would be murder to remove my daughter from feeding tubes and oxygen. If they truly believe that anyone in a hospital being kept alive or stable with feeding tubes and ventilators deserves to die, then shut down all the hospitals, hand out bandaids at the ER, and send everyone else home.

    I told the hospital case manager that Hitler was dancing with glee through the fires of hell because we appear to have legally perfected a way to ensure survival of the fittest.

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