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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Taking a mile

Posted by Gary on March 22, 2008

Legislation is under consideration here in Delaware that would presume participation in our organ donor program unless one opts out. This bill also presumes consent which means that no further consent is needed. Current law allows some circumstances under which family could refuse the removal of a love one’s organs (an important protection especially if family becomes concern that medical care is on a track for organ removal more than for healing).

Some of us have a concern about House Bill #302 as it stands on its own, but we also have concerns about where laws like this will lead. We get some idea if we look to Wisconsin. Legislation has been passed there and is expected to be signed by the governor that would among other things:

1. Drop the age of consent to be an organ donor from 18 to 15

2. Give medical staff authority over the family’s decision if it cannot be determined what a patient wanted concerning being an organ donor. Here is a quote from an article:

"And in cases where it’s unclear whether the person wanted to be an organ donor, the bill elevates the consent-granting power of appointed health care agents over family members."

Here is a link for the article:

My fifteen year old can make a decision that I cannot override if I think best as his parent? A health care agent has more right to decide what will happen in regard to my loved one than I do? Do we not see where these things are all heading? Are we apathetic? I can assure you that as laws like this march forward that many people will find themselves in situations with their loved ones and they will cry out, "How can this be happening?" It happens very simply, by people not paying attention or hearing warnings and being apathetic.

There is nothing quite so dangerous as a group of people who are determined that what they are doing is good.


2 Responses to “Taking a mile”
  1. Bill says:

    Regarding this matter, what is the overall attitude of the citzens of Delaware? Is the majority fighting this? Are they generally uninterested or unaware? Are they suporting bill 302? Is the Delaware media covering this or putting it on page 10?

    Are there politicians in your state who are opposing this? Are they hiding or trojan horsing this bill with other legislastion?

  2. Gary says:

    Dear Bill,

    It is hard to say overall. Delaware has only three counties, ours (Sussex) seems to be pretty conservative, the upper two more liberal. It seems to me that there is opposition down here.

    I think there is some opposition from legislators and right now the bill has not come out of committee. We are praying it doesn’t.

    I am afraid that the media doesn’t hold forth the underlying issues/details of organ removal that are largely unknown by citizens.

    It is interesting that the news is full of stories recently about doctors debating the validity of brain death and stories of people recovering from death yet there is a great disconnect when it comes to this legislation. Proponents keep responding that the bill has nothing to do with end of life issues that it is only about how people get in the organ donor program.

    It is like walking staring at the ground, you don’t want to look up and see what is around you and where you are ultimately heading.

    Apparently Wisconsin is where we are heading and when we find we still don’t have enough organs what will be next?

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