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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Knapp Family Scorecard: Little Booger (1)-Dad (1)

Posted by Gary on May 24, 2008

Photo_052208_001 My son Joshua (4) loves to ride the lawn tractor with me as I cut the grass. Last week after starting our ride my tractor cut out after about 40 seconds. I was sure that I wasn’t out of gas. After repeated tries it became evident the tractor was not going to start.

I pushed the tractor into the garage and sought the help of a neighbor to no avail. The next day another neighbor came over. We had new fuel, the spark plug had spark, churning and churning but the engine wouldn’t fire.

A few days later a brother from our church came over and cleaned the carburetor, certainly that would do the trick, nope.

Later that evening I came into the garage and found Joshua near the tractor with the lid open and the cap off the gas tank, as he stood there he was holding a plastic Spider-Man cup. Immediately the picture came into view.

I said, "Joshua, what did you do?" He responded, "I poured it in the tractor". It appears that Joshua had been filling my gas tank with water and orange juice. What is frustrating is that I emptied the tank and put new gas in but apparently the old had not cleared out and in the meantime he must have added more.

Well, dad knows how to fix that. Off to Lowe’s for a latch and some metal screws and viola, a custom made tractor lid lock (I will install one for you for a mere $79.99).

To top the fun off, even after finding out what was wrong I couldn’t get it to start. I loaded it into the back of my mini-van (no easy task let me tell you) and took it to the small engine repair shop nearby. The repairman had some real ramps and we backed it down, he hopped on, worked the throttle up and down as he turned the key, a little sputter. Same thing again, more sputter, finally, it fired, belched out smoke and started running. I stood there half happy, half mad, off the van 30 seconds and its running. Four men and a few hours produced nothing, one engine repairman and 30 seconds and it starts.

I plan to unveil this story at a very opportune moment in Joshua’s life, I see him in our living room with a young woman for whom he has intentions, I’ll be sure to tell her all about it. The score will then be dad (2) little booger (1).


2 Responses to “Knapp Family Scorecard: Little Booger (1)-Dad (1)”
  1. geri rihacek says:

    I remember when you were about 7 and we were at a friends house, , they were going to cut the lawn but couldnt find the key to start the mower, looked everywhere, finally gave up, when you came around the cornor and had the key in your pocket!!!!i guess you call that what goes around comes around!!!! mom

  2. geri rihacek says:

    mom 1 bobo 0

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