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Friday, February 23, 2018

This made my day

Posted by Gary on April 28, 2006


It is a joy to have young children at age 40. We have two seven year olds, one six year old, a two year old and thank God, another child on the way. Having these young children helps keep me young and I am glad for it.

Today we left Myrtle Beach after a week of vacation. After getting on the road my son Elijah told me that he saw a cartoon where a child entered a television and went into another world. He then said, "That can’t really happen right dad? That’s just a camera trick right?" I of course answered, "Yes".

Elijah then quite seriously said, "I know it can’t happen because I tried it once and hit my head on the screen." What a priceless laugh for me. So often I am impatient with my children and fail to appreciate the moments God gives me with them.

Tonight we worked on putting a LEGO car together (tons of little pieces-a parent’s nightmare). Elijah said, "Dad, your the best dad in the world, is it alright for me to say your the best dad in the world?" I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dear God, help me to appreciate these gifts from You and forgive me for being so grown up sometimes. I long to have a child’s heart toward You: Believing everything You say, looking up to You and being honest and needy instead of dishonest and self-reliant.


3 Responses to “This made my day”
  1. Bill says:


    I’ll be laughing the rest of the day thinking about what Josiah said.



  2. bill says:

    I mean Elijah

  3. mamabear says:

    Children bring joy to your heart. when your 40 and especially when your near the “E” word.Memories are wonderful gifts from God!!!

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