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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Images of Christ

Posted by Gary on October 26, 2006

For some months I have intended to share this post from David Bayly concerning images of Christ. If you would like to read more on the issue of making images of Christ you will be greatly helped by going to David (and his brother Tim’s) Blog, BaylyBlog and click the subject link titled, "Worship/Idolatry". It is not light reading but very necessary. You can directly link to this post and read comments on it here.

Sabbath Exhortation

Yesterday many of us gathered at a funeral home and then a graveside. We were bound in grief and joy by memories of a departed friend who, though her body remains earth-bound, has departed this world for eternity. One week ago if we had gathered around her, we would have spoken directly to her. We would have called her by name and laughed with her.

Yesterday, we spoke of her. We placed pictures from her life around her. We told stories about her. We might have watched videos of her. All things that a week before we would never have done because a week before she was with us.

This morning we worship Christ, not through picture or allegory, but directly. We do not approach Him through such things as pictures, video and allegory because these are forms of remembrance for the dead.

Pictures are for visualizing the absent. Video and allegories are for a god no longer with us. Jesus is living. Jesus is here, in our midst. Those who possess reality do not resort to images.

We no more sit and look at His picture or speak of Him through allegory than I look at pictures of you rather than looking directly at your face, than I would describe you to others in theory and by allegory rather than exhibiting you directly.

Christ is not in the grave of video, pictures, memories and allegory. He has risen. He is with us.

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