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Monday, February 19, 2018

Pay attention

Posted by Gary on March 13, 2009

I wonder if we have any idea of the evil of the day in which we live? I assume that people who can be at ease while false gods are proclaimed and 42,000,000 infants are murdered each year can be numb to anything. This story comes out of North Carolina today of judge Ned Mangum who has decided that three children who are currently home schooled by their mother need to go to public school.

The parents of the children are in the midst of a divorce and the mother home schools the children. The children test two grades above their grade level and according the story, the father and court agree that the children have “thrived with home school”.

What is the issue? The children’s mother, Vanessa Mills teaches from the Bible. Vanessa’s curriculum includes: math, science, grammar, reading and music. The father has objected to their removal from public school since the mother started attending a church where all the children are home schooled and is concerned with the “religious-based science curriculum” taught to the children.

Judge Mangum ruled that the children should be in public school. Really? Who is judge Mangum to decide what is best for someone else’s children? Who has custody of the children? Pay attention people, we are progressively heading into a system of power that will determine what your children should do and have even above your discretion as their parent.

According to Mrs. Mills, Judge Mangum decided:

“(it) would be a good opportunity for the children to be tested in the beliefs that I have taught them,”

Frightening. The powers that be have decided that someone else’s children are ready to have their beliefs tested. That sir, is not your decision to make regardless of the fact that the Godless system of power in place has told you that it is.

Many more things like this take place. In some states children can have abortions without notifying parents or receiving their consent (see list here). Who are parents that they should be allowed to know? Big brother is the leader now, not father and mother.

Ephesians 5:15-16 “Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.”


4 Responses to “Pay attention”
  1. David Layman says:

    Yhis judge is a menace and embarrassment to the judicial system. Where does he think he gets this authority to tell this mother how to educate her children.

  2. steven hines says:

    You should get your facts straight before you lay into the judge. I have read the judge’s ruling. The mother is trying to keep the father from having any influence on his children. She wants to severly limit his contact with his children and keep the children away from anyone critical of the cult she has joined. READ THE RULING! Then, unless you are a moron, you will change your mind about this case. This kind of thing is not good for homeschoolers or Christians.

  3. hg says:

    Steven… I haven’t listened to the entire ruling, but what i heard bothered me. And I did listen to the actual court ruling… no it’s not as simple as it “appears” to be that the judge ruled the children should go to homeschool automatically ruling in favor of the father’s choice when the judge had said that the choice for the children’s education should be made by both parents. That’s frustrating. Especially since they are reported to be doing so well being homeschooled.

  4. steven hines says:

    hg, paragraph 42 of the ruling mentioned some of the things Mrs. Mills was asking for in her petition (she was the plaintiff). Among them was a prohibition on Mr. Mills having any overnight or Sunday visits with his children, limiting Mr. Mills to 9 hours of contact per week with his children, removing any decision making authority from Mr. Mills regarding education and religion, and prohibiting Mr. Mills from allowing his children to have any contact with any former members of the church Mrs. Mills was attending or anyone critical of that church. Given that there was substantial evidence presented to the court that Mr. Mills was a good father, do Mrs. Mills’ requests seem reasonable to you?

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