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Friday, February 23, 2018

The true minister’s confession

Posted by Gary on January 28, 2010

While reading a sermon entitled, “Be Zealous” by J.C. Ryle I came across this quote from Robert Murray M’Cheyne concerning his heart and his ministry. I do believe it to be the true confession of any real minister of God:

“None but God knows what an abyss of corruption is in my heart. It is perfectly amazing that ever God could bless such a ministry.”

May God grant to all of His servants the same self-honesty and humility.

God grant us to see the truth about ourselves that we might then by grace see that Jesus is our righteousness. Grant that your servants would be empty of pride and full of the realization of grace received. O Lord, we have been full ourselves, make us full of Yourself. Amen.

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