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Friday, February 23, 2018

Selling our soul-American Christianity’s flirtation with Glenn Beck

Posted by Gary on September 1, 2010

The evidence is becoming mountainous, the goal of the great majority of American Christians is America not the Kingdom of God. It appears that there is no boundary American Christians will not cross as long as it would seem to achieve the goal of “saving America”.

Take for instance the willingness of many American Christians to embrace Glenn Beck and his call for us to turn back to God. Apparently it does not matter what god Beck means when he speaks for no Christian that I have seen thus far has asked him what God he is talking about.

It is a marvel that Glenn Beck questions the Christianity of Barack Obama when he himself belongs to the cult of Mormonism which is not Christianity. Yet many Christian leaders talk with Glenn Beck on his program and never question his claim to be a Christian while he holds to the tenants of Mormonism.

Let me begin close to home with Peter Lillback a member of my own denomination, the Presbyterian Church In America. Lillback has authored, “Sacred Fire” an epic work that maintains that George Washington was an evangelical Christian. My concern is not Lillback’s book it is the fact that he can talk with Glenn Beck at length about Washington’s evangelical faith and allow the impression to be given that Beck shares that same faith including its view of the person of God and the way of salvation. But nothing is said because you understand the goal is to get back to 1776 and it doesn’t matter if Glenn Beck believes that God was once a man who became God and that you and I can become gods also. The following comes from Lillback’s Providence Forum website promoting the book and Lillback’s appearance on the Glenn Beck show:

save image

It does not matter that what Glenn Beck believes about God is false and heretical and that he is slyly giving the impression that he believes in the historic Christian faith because you see he is witty and is one of America’s leading radio and television personalities and since Christianity struggles to get a hearing we are going to hitch our star to him.

Pastor John Hagee has also visited Glenn Beck and they talked at length. While they covered many topics that pertained to America and Israel there was never any discussion of what God both men were representing and so the impression is left that it is the same God. Hagee does not call Beck out on his portrayal of himself as a Christian while in truth he denies the Christian faith you can read the transcript here. The reason of course is that what they have in common is America and what they want to see happen for our country. I was under the impression that the Christian’s chief concern was the Kingdom of Heaven and the truth of who God is and how He can be known.

Next, Dave Barton from Wallbuilders was Beck’s guest. Here is a segment from their discussion which at this point centered on George Whitefield:

BARTON: What he did was he carried a message across America that really turned people back to their spiritual roots. That was how America was founded. They had forgotten that. They were so prosperous at that point in time. They had forgotten what made them prosperous and so they were worshipping the prosperity rather than the cause of the prosperity which had been their religious faith. So, he takes them back to their faith. It was really radical at the time because he transcended all the lines, all the barriers. He did things that have never before been done. He was heartily criticized by religious leaders but he wanted people back to

GLENN: Hang on. You said heartily.

BARTON: Heartily.

GLENN: Not hardly

BARTON: No. Heartily. That’s right.

GLENN: And he was a guy who and it’s amazing when I read this, he was a guy who tried to bring everybody together


GLENN: And said forget your denominations. Let’s go back to the root and he was really focused on Moses. And let’s go back to the root of where we of where we were and who we are and this land is the land of milk and honey and when he started to do, because he didn’t have a church, if you will, he didn’t I mean, he was going around and giving sermons in the open air, sometimes up to 30,000

Beck in the last paragraph here says that Whitefield said, “forget your denominations”. How subtle…No one would question that George Whitefield was a generous spirit and supported others who held to the truth of Christ but Beck would have us think that George Whitefield would support working with Mormons. What a falsehood! George Whitefield would have called Beck’s doctrine heresy.

Beck says that Whitefield “really focused on Moses…”. Moses? George Whitefield focused on Moses? George Whitefield focused on the Lord Jesus Christ, not Jesus a lesser god as Mormons would have it but Jesus, God Almighty in the flesh. Beck’s portrayal of Whitefield is false.

Beck claims that Whitefield was a guy who “tried to bring everybody together” and Barton knowing that Beck is a Mormon responds, “Yeah”. George Whitefield was trying to bring everyone to Christ, he was not trying to gather people around some undefined god in the name of religion.

But lo and behold David Barton and Glenn Beck are going to teach together. This from the end of the interview:

GLENN: America, I just wanted you to think about this. I want you to talk to your spiritual leaders, if you’re a spiritual leaders, I want you to think about it. David and I are going to start working together on a few things that, you know, maybe we can, through BECK UNIVERSITY or through the America revival or whatever, we’re going to start teaching some of these things and making this stuff available because this is the key, this is truly the key. By the way, the America Revival, where David Barton teaches the first hour of it and it is phenomenal, it’s a I think it’s a seven hour program. It’s phenomenal. We have added another city. We’re going to announce that coming up at the top of the hour. It will go on sale but it’s one of the of last stops of the America Revival. We’ll give that to you in just a second. And we’ll see you tomorrow for founders Fridays, David Barton.

At Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally he unveiled the “Black Robe Regiment”, 240 clergy members from an assortment of religions and faiths. Pastors, priests and rabbis were referenced. At the rally Beck urged people to attend their church, synagogue or mosque. It is the god of your choice, every god is equally valid. You can watch Beck talk about the regiment the night before the rally here.

Christians, what are you doing? You are so determined to see something happen with our country that you are willing to be unfaithful to God. I want to see good things happen in our country also and I can assure you it is not going to happen by embracing idolatry and
committing spiritual adultery.

I know that many well intentioned Christians are telling themselves that God understands what it is we are doing. They assure themselves that we can work toward good goals without the issue of what god we are talking about coming up and presenting a problem.

I close with two things: First, the devil almost always does his most deceptive work through something good. The good we desire for our nation is the very Trojan horse through which he is springing this false claim of “turning back to God”. Second, the details about what god is being referred to will come to the fore because the living and true God will force it to. God’s greatest goal is not to see things happen in America, it is to have to have the truth about Himself and His Son made clear.

Egypt had more than one God and the plagues were God’s judgment on them. If America will not declare and stand with the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ we will find that He will also judge us.

Exodus 12:12 “For I will go through the land of Egypt on that night, and will strike down all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments– I am the LORD.”

Exodus 23:32-33 “You shall make no covenant with them or with their gods. “They shall not live in your land, because they will make you sin against Me; for if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare to you.”


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