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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Restoring Courage-following Glenn Beck to the Town of Morality

Posted by Gary on July 27, 2011

imageI have posted previously on my concerns about Christianity’s flirtation with heresy via Glenn Beck and my concern only deepens. Beck has announced a new event to take place in Israel on August 24 calling it, “Restoring Courage”.

Beck states that it is his desire to stand with Israel through this event. Well, that is fine and good for him to do personally but through this event Beck intends to make a much greater declaration. Beck has called for people of all faiths to come to this event not only to stand with Israel but to emphasize the importance of faith.

It is not the truth that matters here because whether Christian, Jew or Muslim (and I suppose any other faith) we are doing something higher, standing with Israel. This is the danger with Glenn Beck, he emphasizes an earthly, moral cause above the truth of who God is and how He can be known. This is an echo of his “Restoring Honor” event in which he gathered religious leaders from various faiths in calling America to turn back to God.

As moral and good as all these things seem, they are idolatry plain and simple. This is the false teaching of many even within the Christian world, that supporting Israel is more important than testifying to the truth that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and the whole world.

Will God hear the prayers of people at this rally who pray yet reject Jesus as His Son and their Savior? Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14:6). That is of course unless you are at the Restoring Courage rally standing with Israel. In this case Beck would have us believe that God is going to morph into a generic god because something more important than His person is being emphasized (more important to Beck that is). Saving the world or Israel or America is not more important than the truth of who God is.

In John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress he warns us of Mr. Worldly Wiseman who leads pilgrim’s off the narrow way by insisting that the town of Morality is their goal not the Celestial City. The way to the Celestial City is narrow, the path is difficult and includes the pain of insisting that there is one God and that He can only be known through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Christians have been bewitched by Glenn Beck into thinking that God will be pleased with moral efforts (like standing with Israel) above the truth of who He is. The subtlety of this of course is Israel, who we acknowledge are God’s Old Testament people and a remnant from that nation are included in the New Testament gospel of salvation in Christ (see Romans 9-11). Many Christians believe that it is their attitude towards Israel even above their attitude toward Christ that matters. This is false doctrine and Beck is spinning it.

Remember Christians, Glenn Beck believes that God was once a man that became God, that Jesus is a lesser God and that we can become gods ourselves. Do your politics mean so much to you that you are willing to leave the real battle for a diversion? The battle is not over earthly Israel, it is over who God is and how He can be known. In this, Glenn Beck is not the Evangelist of Pilgrim’s Progress who points to the narrow way but Mr. Worldly Wiseman who points to the town of Morality. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

WORLDLY WISEMAN: Why, in yonder village–the village is named Morality– there dwells a gentleman whose name is Legality, a very judicious man, and a man of very good name, that has skill to help men off with such burdens as yours… yes, to my knowledge, he has done a great deal of good this way; and besides, he has skill to cure those that are somewhat crazed in their wits with their burdens. To him, as I said, thou may go, and be helped presently. His house is not quite a mile from this place, and if he should not be at home himself, he has a pretty young man to his son, whose name is Civility, that can do it (to speak on) as well as the old gentleman himself; there, I say, you may be eased of your burden; and if you are not minded to go back to your former habitation, as, indeed, I would not wish you to, you may send for your wife and children to this village, where there are houses that now stand empty, one of which you may have at reasonable rates; provision is there also cheap and good; and that which will make your life more happy is, to be sure, there.  You shall live by honest neighbors, in credit and good fashion.

Now was Christian somewhat at a stand; but presently he concluded, if this be true, which this gentleman  said, my wisest course is to take his advice; and with that he thus further spoke.

CHRISTIAN: Sir, which is my way to this honest man’s house?

WORLDLY WISEMAN:  Do you see yonder hill?

CHRISTIAN: Yes, very well.

WORLDLY WISEMAN: By that hill you must go, and the first house you come at is his.

So Christian turned out of his way to go to Mr. Legality’s house for help; but, behold, when he was near the hill, it seemed so high, and also that side of it that was next to the road did hang so much over, that Christian was afraid to venture further, lest the hill should fall on his head; there he stood still and did not know what to do. Also his burden now seemed heavier to him than while he was in his way. There came also flashes of fire out of the hill, that made Christian afraid that he should be burned. (Exodus 19:16, 18) Here, therefore, he sweat and did quake for fear. (Hebrews 12:21)

When Christians to carnal men give ear, out of their way they go, and pay for it dear; for Master Worldly Wiseman can but show a saint the way to bondage and to woe.


4 Responses to “Restoring Courage-following Glenn Beck to the Town of Morality”
  1. Kevin Rohr says:

    Hi Gary:

    My name is Kevin Rohr and I am a pastor that is very concerned professionally about Glenn Beck’s influence and personally concerned for some of my Christian friends who are under his influence.

    I had lunch today with a very good friend that believes Glenn Beck is a Christian. I pointed out that GB is a Mormon and their position on the person of Christ. My friend replied, “I listen to beck all of the time and he believes Jesus is God, not a created god.”

    Thus I am compelled to find GB on record stating his position re: who Jesus is.

    You seem to maybe have access to GB going on record according to the article above. What is the source for the following comment from your article, “Glenn Beck believes that God was once a man that became God, that Jesus is a lesser God and that we can become gods ourselves?”

    Thank you for blogging and I hope to leanr more with your help!


  2. Gary says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Thanks for your note. Regarding the three tenants I mentioned, they are foundational Mormon doctrine none of which has Beck disowned. There is phraseology in Mormonism such as “Jesus is my Lord and Savior” and “I was converted” that unsuspectful Christians would think evangelical.

    But beyond his Mormonism, listen as Beck speaks of the world faiths calling on God together. At his Restoring Honor event he presented his Black Robe Regiment with representatives from the major world religions and claimed they were leading us back to God.

    It is not just Beck’s Mormonism but his “many ways” to God message that should concern Christians. Beck’s message is that we need a return to morality and this greater goal justifies a multi-religion coalition. Tragically, many evangelicals seem to agree. It would seem that our goal is colonial America, not the Kingdom of Heaven.

    I would be glad to hear back from you about your concerns.

    Thanks Kevin.

    In Christ,


  3. Steelwheels says:

    Thanks for posting this Gary. My heart is aching for those blinded by this subtle deception. Eph. 4:13-15 comes to mind as I hear about the things being said or even 2Cor. 11:4 and 2Cor. 6:14. I loved the quote from Pilgrim’s Progress.

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