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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trusting in princes

Posted by Gary on October 31, 2008

Psalm 146:3  “Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.”

image My question is very simple, “How much control did the believers of the New Testament era have over the government that ruled them?” The answer: virtually none. Here is another question, “What accusation did the non-believing world make against the Christians of the first century?”

Acts 17:6  “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.”

How could this be? You mean that the Caesars of the first century were not Christians? There was not a Christian/conservative majority in the Roman senate? Believers were not collecting signatures on petitions against ungodly laws? How could they ever have turned the world upside down without any hand on the political steering wheel? Could it be that their faith was in God?

We are well into another election cycle and I grieve. American Christians are blind, blind to the fact that we have reduced the Christian faith down to a political movement. Oh, we are in high places no doubt. We are rubbing shoulders and throwing weight around. Someone please tell me what this has all done to promote and further the gospel.

What does the average unbeliever think of Christianity in our nation today? They believe it is all about political control and power. Who are we winning? I believe with all my heart that what we have done these past few decades is something to be repented of. Our trust is in princes and the power of this world. Who are we kidding? In what way are we turning the world upside down? We are powerless and our political grasping is proof that it is so.

What matters to us is the Supreme Court, control of Congress and the White House. What will we have if we were to have all these? We will still have a nation of people estranged from God but by golly, we’re going to legislate them into the kingdom. We have nearly forfeited our opportunity to share the gospel of Christ, hardly anyone believes that this is what we are after anymore. The unbeliever thinks to himself, “This is about you imposing your way of life on me” and he is right. We are not after heart change and knowledge of Christ, if we were our reliance would be on God not on political power.

I come to my questions again. Someone please tell me how the Christians of the New Testament turned the world upside down without relying on political power? Why are we not seeking the power that they had? How have we come to think that we have found a better way? Thank God that His purposes cannot be thwarted despite how determined His people are to do so.

42,000,000 (yes, that 42 million)

Posted by Gary on October 13, 2008

We are focusing on zeros a lot these days as we total the cost of the recent economic bail out plan. We are all very concerned about this 750 billion dollars and at some level I am also.

There is another set of zeros that I am afraid many do not know about and they likely do not know because they don’t care to know. Were you aware that every year 42,000,000 (42 million) babies are put to death in their mother’s wombs?

This figure was reported in 2007 with the amazing attachment that this figure reflects a 17% decline (from 1995-2003) so previously the annual murder rate of unborn children worldwide was closer to 50,000,000 (fifty million).

The story reveals that worldwide 1 in every 5 pregnancies results in abortion and actually 1 in every 3 in Europe. You can also break down 42,000,000 abortions this way:

  • 115,068 unborn children put to death every day of the year
  • 4,794 unborn children put to death every hour
  • 79 unborn children put to death every minute
  • 1 (plus a third statistically) unborn child put to death every second

Why don’t we care about these zeros may I ask? As we head to the election booth in a few weeks I fear that most people will vote based on the zeros attached to their wallets and retirement funds while they tell themselves that all this talk about dead babies is fanaticism.

I am sure many would say to me, “How can you make this one issue the thing on which you will base your vote?” To which I respond, how can you make your wallet the main thing on which you will base your vote? For what life are you living, this one or the one to come? The matter is very simple, we are to regard as important what God says is important. It is also an argument from the greater to the lesser, if a man cannot see the most important issue correctly how can I trust him to see less important matters correctly?

If you are an average reader, 90 babies died in the time you read this post. Do you care? Do you fear God? Quit worrying about your finances, our souls are on the scales of justice, what good can your money do you there?

Proverbs 11:4  “Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.”